Annual Living Lights Votive Candles

Securing an Annual Living Light Votive Candle to Honor a Loved One, Remember a Special Intention, or Mark a Milestone is a continual and wonderful way to celebrate sentiments and offer intercessions of remembrance, hope and gratitude.

Two wall-mounted electric candle stands now hang in our church on either side of the newly restored and expanded Saints’ Shrine. These unique and inviting candles are made of real wax with electrified illumination to ensure your Living Light burns brightly throughout the year.

A plaque displaying the name of your loved one, your intention, or your milestone will be mounted before your Living Light Votive Candle. Plaques will remain for the year you have secured your Living Light and may be renewed or rededicated for additional 12 month periods.

In addition to its rightful place before your Living Light in the Saints’ Shrine, your Loved One, Special Intention, or Milestone will also be included in the Living Light Section of the Parish Website. See the blue brochure by the church doors or contact the rectory for more info: 718-465-8534.