Congratulations on the birth of a new baby!
What a way for an entire family to experience
God’s Blessings.  Everyone at Incarnation
joins in your celebration.



Baptisms are celebrated in English on the first Sunday of the month at 2PM.
Baptisms are celebrated in Spanish on the first Saturday of the month at 1PM.
There are no Baptisms during the season of Lent.

Parents planning for the Baptism of their child are required to pre-register by calling for an appointment with the pastor (718-465-8534).  Please bring the baby’s birth certificate to this initial meeting.
In addition to pre-registration, parents are required to attend a Baptism instruction meeting.
Baptism instructions in English are held on the last Sunday of each month in the Rectory (Our Lady Meeting Room) following the 10:30AM Mass.  We would like to encourage you to attend the 10:30 Mass that day and come over to the instruction afterwards. The class takes about forty-five minutes.
Baptism instructions in Spanish are held on the Tuesday evening before the Baptism at 7:30PM in the Rectory (Our Lady Meeting Room).